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The Seton Miracles

A miracle is an unusual thing that happen to the believers. Not everyone will see a miracle and know it’s a miracle, some people take it as a normal thing or even as magic. Just like there were miracles during the time of Jesus when he was on earth, miracles happen even today and we need to acknowledge them. Miracles like the one happened at the Marian foundation called the Seton miracles can move ones heart. Jesus preforms miracles in our lives for different reasons but most are the times when we don’t want to understand these reasons. The Seton miracles happened at saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church where the statues of marry mother of Jesus were seen sending tears and rosaries were changing colors while emitting rose scent and man y other miracles were seen during this day.

We need to ask ourselves why the statue of Mary mother of Jesus shedding tears was and what that symphonizes. It could be Mary mother of Jesus was feeling biter since even after his son died because of our sins, we are still deep doing the same sins and we have refused to shun our evil ways and follow her son. The Seton miracles happened between the years 1991-1993. This is a very unusual thing for a non-living thing to portray the behaviors of a living thing and no one should deny it’s not miracles. We need to do the things that Christ expects us to do and ensure that we are following the truth.

Another unusual thing also happened to a catholic priest who the effects of this day got five wounds in his body which portrayed the suffering of Jesus on the cross. All these miracles rotate around the suffering that Jesus underwent on the cross for our sake. Father James Bruce was also to suffer like the way Jesus suffered on the cross. Jesus was holy and did have any crime yet he died on the cross to save us and to set us free but even after that, we still behave like bondage and we sin each and every minute. It is the time for every believer to change his or her way for we don’t know when Christ will come for his people. The pain the Mary feel every time when we make these mistakes is what was portrayed here. It was something to remind to repent and do the right things.

Another miracle that was seen that day was that the statues started rotating, changing colors and others started adding colors. Good aroma was also felt around that place which was produced by the rotating statues. People witnessed all this and the place became sacred and it was secured so that everyone who wants to go and see the place where the Seton miracles happened can go and see. People these days don’t care about others and they are doing all manner of evil to them. This is what could probably make the statue of Mary cry in the Seton miracle.

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